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Add some style to your day with our accessories

The accessories we offer are true eye-catchers. From shawls to belts to leather bags and even facemasks, they are unmistakably unique. Add some style to your day with our accessories.

Go all-in or add a small POTL style touch to your outfit.

Unique fashion accessories

We have four different categories in our accessory line. Shawls, Bags, Belts and Facemasks.

The personal care that we put into everything here at POTL extends to our accessories. All of them are hand dyed, hand painted and hand printed. No piece is ever the same.


Wearable art items

Our accessories are the perfect way to spice up your outfit. Our special process makes every item one-of-a-kind. The in-house hand painted leather comes in fabulous colours. Onto this we add screen prints, carefully selected and applied by hand.

Make an impression with a splash of color and print.


Style your look

Throw one of our big and colorful blankets scarfs around your shoulders. Or dash out the door in style with a luxury leather bag, we have styles for day-to-day business, shoppers or clutches for your night out.

Our leather belts are made also made from hand painted leather and with each belt you can choose between different belt buckles. These buckles are easily switched out, so you can mix and match different belt colors and buckle styles.


A gift that will be remembered

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves fashion and couture style? Its sometimes not easy to find something while not completely sure about sizes, style etc. Go for one of our accessories. Sizing is not a problem and a pinch of POTL will make everyone happy. It’s an easy item to match anyone’s style. And you will be giving your loved ones something unique, just like they are.

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