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New Collection

In this section you can find all the items from our new 2021 Immaculate Renaissance collection. Find the newest must-haves for this year, from huge wrap-around scarfs and small phone bags to luxurious dresses and statement tops.

Apricot IR Amaze

€143,40 €239,00

Yima IR Amaze

€137,40 €229,00

Selah IR Moonlandscape

€137,40 €229,00

Selah IR Croco

€137,40 €229,00

Louisa IR Almond

€117,00 €195,00

Louisa IR Hyacint

€117,00 €195,00

Hero IR Praia

€417,00 €695,00

Louisa Photo IR Jockey

€117,00 €195,00

Maglia IR Mint


Spike IR Yellow

€137,40 €229,00

Chantiero IR Orchid

€137,40 €229,00

Taloc IR Violet

€149,40 €249,00

Chantiero IR Violet

€137,40 €229,00

Lora IR Mint

€149,40 €249,00

Lora IR Jockey

€149,40 €249,00

Lora IR Almond

€149,40 €249,00

Longam IR Galaxy Blue

€137,40 €229,00

Longam IR Galaxy Brown

€137,40 €229,00

Takeru IR Vinca


Only the most special fashion items

The unique DNA of all things The People of the Labyrinths makes it easy to mix and match items from different seasons. Find you favorite pieces to complete your look.

Never boring

Life should be celebrated. Personality is important. Why be like everyone else? We believe in being your own unique you. Why go for middle of the pack when you can also choose funky clothing and wearable art? We offer alternative clothing that make a statement.

Shop by collection or by category

All Immaculate Renaissance pieces from 2021 are collected here, but you can also search more specifically per category. You can find these on the left side (on desktop) or in our menu above (on mobile).

The different categories offer even more styles, so dont forget to shop this way too.

Gender Neutral Fashion

Although we do have a distinction in the way we organize our webshop, we strongly feel that all items we offer are for anyone. We encourage you to think outside the box.  If you would like more advice, for styling or sizing please feel free to contact the staff at our store, they will be happy to help you out.

Did you know…

The clothing from the People of the Labyrinths is widely loved by celebrities and artists. So if you are looking for Celebrity Fashion or an Artist clothing style you have come to the right place.

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