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Men’s fashion

You have come to the right place for a distinctive and alternative range of mens fashion items. The People of the Labyrinths offers the perfect solution for the demanding and creative type of man. The man that wants to stand out, real artist clothing. Here you will find exclusive fashion items, one of a kind pieces. Luxurious items with real character.

We believe in being yourself, there is only one you. Make it count!

Our fashion is genderless

We do have the distinction between Mens clothing and womens clothing in our webshop just to make things easier search- and size-wise but our clothes are really gender neutral. We ourselves love to mix it up. So don’t forget to check out our other styles too.

Unique mens fashion, and we mean TRULY unique…

So what exactly makes our mens fashion so different?

The first thing you’ll notice is our special style of printing and dyeing. After being made right here in our own studio in the Netherlands, the garments go through a special dyeing process. Where each and every garment undergoes a one by one treatment of different dyes and colours. A combination of dipping, soaking and some hand painting for just that extra effect.

When the colors are just how we want them to be we take them into our screen printing studio. Over the years we have build up a huge collection of designs and we mix, match and create new ones all the time.

Luxury items

Because we put so much care and attention into our garments we want the fabrics to be worth it.

Therefore we select quality fibers, mostly natural  materials, like cotton, linen, wool, silk and cashmere. Or combinations we like.

We care, for fashion and for the planet.

We care for the earth and work since 1984 with respect for materials and humanity. Sustainable and circular are in our genes. Something we work on and develop further every day.

Browse through our collection

In our webshop you can find Coats and Jackets to stay warm and comfy in style.  And unique statement style Shirts and Sweaters. Our Amsterdam store also offers more vintage items. Pop in and say hi when you’re in the neighbourhood or contact our staff for help in finding just that style for you.

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