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Womens clothing is one of the main categories here at the People of the Labyrinths. We love to create womens clothes in all shapes and sizes. From minuscule summertops to oversized maxidresses. The POTL style is unique, right there on the edge of high fashion and wearable art. Our handpainted clothing is true celebrity fashion.

Our clothes can be worn in a variety of different styles, it all depends on how you choose to mix and match.

Handmade Dutch women’s clothing

Since all our clothes are made in the Netherlands and go through a process of hand dyeing and screenprinting (and sometimes even hand painting) every piece is unique.

You can find statement pieces in our collection, all-over printed, eye-catching items with the true POTL DNA, but we also have more refined pieces, focused on the beautiful hand dyed color with less print.

One thing always remains the same: The womens clothing from the People of the Labyrinths is created with personal care and attention, in our own studio.

Our unique approach – focus on quality and materials

Since we spend so much time taking care of each item we make sure to choose the best quality fabrics. We are specialized in natural materials. We love to work with silk, leather, cotton, linen wool and cashmere. It gives our colors just that extra ‘pop’, an important canvas for the color palettes and recipes we create.

Here at the People of the Labyrinths we do not care so much for seasons. We believe that you collect your favorite outfits and items over time and that together they create a characteristic look that is totally you. And if you look good, it will help make you feel good.

Our motto:

“Casual for presidents”

Womens clothing for unique individuals

In our coats you can hide from the weather in the most comfy way. Jackets that make you look sharp and special and our cardigans for that in-between weather that is so common here in the Netherlands (our home-base).

Our sweaters and longsleeves are the uniquest you can find. The true sparkle of all that the People of the Labyrinths stands for. Make a statement while staying comfortable.

Luxurious satin and silk blouses, that double as either jackets or dresses and are great for layering and T-shirts and tops for every occasion. And don’t forget to complete the look with our skirts or dresses, or that one set of pants that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Dive into our universe – come visit us!

Take a look around, dive into the special world that is The People of the Labyrinths.

If you need any help with finding the perfect size for you, or you would love some advice on how to style the outfit for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the staff at our store. And if you are in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, please pop in and say hi! We are closely located to the best museum area and shopping experiences of the city.

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