Ayrihua IR Empress

Ayrihua IR Helibel

Edison IR Hedera

Edison IR Orchid

Ayrihua IR Orchid

Ayrihua IR Hysteria

Edison IR Almond

Ayrihua IR Buganville

Edison IR Slate

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Erwin Olaf for The People of the Labyrinths

POTL outfits are all hand-made, hand-dyed and hand-printed. The prints are the kick-off for every new collection. Hans Demoed is the master of the distinctive POTL colour palette and Geert de Rooij comes up with the spectacular prints. The fascinating labyrinth-construct with endless meaning, secrets and layers still remains a bountiful incentive for POTL to add personal magic in it's art of hand-dying, hand-printing of fabrics, garments and objects.

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