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Perfume and Eau de Toilette

When we do things, we go all in. As we probably said before The People of the Labyrinths is more than ‘just a clothing brand’, it is a full experience, a world all on its own. Our Perfume or Eau de Toilette are inspired on 19th century fin-de-siècle perfumes with a modern attitude.

Due to the fact that perfume bottles are not easy to get through customs we can unfortunately only ship within the Netherlands.

Notice: Perfume can only be shipped to the Netherlands

The People of the Labyrinths is an experience for all senses

When we made our first perfume it was a decade of fresh, airy and watery frangrances. Not at all our style and it has inspired us to make our Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes. We have two perfume lines: ‘Luctor et Emergo’ and ‘A.MAZE’.

Our first and now classic ‘Luctor et Emergo’

This perfume is a challenge for all the senses, both masculine and feminine, very modern with a nineties attitude. A sensual, natural and meditative perfume, composed out of fresh grasses, many different white flowers, vanilla and certain precious woods. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

A.MAZE, a worthy counterpart of our instant classic.

amazing as a maze

can be much more amazing still

A.MAZE will be

The People of the Labyrinths has been working for more than five years on this new fragrance to create a worthy titillating counterpart for their first perfume “Luctor et Emergo”, which was launched in 1997, an instant classic ever since.

The new perfume strikes a somewhat lighter note. On top you find Henna and Saffron, a combination which gives your senses a surprising opening boost. In the bouquet you find the delicate Taif Rose from Saudi Arabia, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose and many other natural components. In the fond you experience precious woods; Agarwood from Cambodia, Sandalwood, Musk and Civet.

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